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Frederick University is one of the five private Universities in Cyprus. It is an energetic and vibrant university, enjoying respect and recognition both nationally and internationally. The research activities that are being carried out by its faculty, place the University among the most successful organizations in Cyprus with respect to the level of financial support received for projects from external sources through competitive national and European programs, including LLP, LIFE, FP7, H2020, ERASMUS+ and from Regional Funds. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Informatics has the highest contribution to the research and development activities of the Frederick University both at the national and European level.FU participates in this project with the Mobile Devices Laboratory, an integral part of the deparment. MDL focuses its scientific research on Web and Mobile Computing, Big Data Management and Multi-Objective Optimisation methods that exploit Cloud technologies for engineering Smart Systems. The emphasis is on Ubiquitous Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Mobile and Natural Interaction Devices, including system on chip, sensors and actuators, for the development of smart and cloud-enabled systems. MDL also applies ICT technologies for the design and development of web platforms, software tools and mobile applications for solving education and societal challenges. In specific, MDL develops smart and personalised ICT-based environments for e-learning, educational training and addressing societal challenges for sustainable development

University of Patras

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The University of Patras (UofP) is located in Patras, Achaia, Greece, and was founded in 1964, consisting of 7 schools and 35 departments. It caters for a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines through 35 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate study programs. One of its main goals is the creation of new knowledge through the promotion of scientific research. This makes the university particularly active in research, with a high reputation for quality and innovativeness. In the QS World Ranking / Top Universities (2020), UofP is ranked 751-800. Along with its other activities, UofP operates the Foreign Language Teaching Unit and the Educational Center for life-long learning.


The university runs an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program in business administration following the latest scientific developments and covers a full range of topics related to business administration in private, public, and non-profit sector and entrepreneurship.

Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"


University of Rome Tor Vergata (UTOV) aims at playing a leading role in research and education, as well as in technological, economic, organisational and social development in order to become not only a sustainable University but also one of the best European Universities by 2025. The University is structured in 6 Schools (Economics; Law;
Engineering; Humanities and Philosophy; Medicine and Surgery; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences) which are organised in 18 Departments. It offers 107 degree courses (bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle’s degree), 31 PhD courses and 19 courses taught in English (6 double/joint degree programmes). UTOV has extensive knowledge and experience in EU projects across multiple programmes (H2020, Interreg, Erasmus, among others). Specifically, the Research Group in Government and Civil Society (GCS) of the Department of Management and Law of the Faculty of Economics of Tor Vergata will take part in this project. The Department of Management and Law (DMD) is part of the
Faculty of Economics of the University. The DMD is specialized in the research areas related to Management (accounting, business administration, management, marketing, business organization, financial intermediation), Law (private law, public law, commercial law, labor law, banking law, tax law) and Economic and Political Geography (economics and territorial planning). These areas of expertise allow teaching, research and third mission activities also
with an interdisciplinary approach.


GrantXpert Consulting is a Cypriot-based SME, with a cumulative expertise of more than 25 years in European and National funding programmes. The team has a proven, core expertise in providing training and consulting services to local and EU organisations, and a track-record in implementing research work on entrepreneurial, business and other educational topics. GrantXpert is also a leader at national level in the development of innovative educational programmes.


The team’s mission is to deliver solutions, stemming from multidisciplinary strategic partnership on an EU level, tackling new European societal, digital & green challenges. The overall vision, is to change and improve EU citizens’ life by implementing EU funded programmes, and maximising their overall impact.



GrantxperT Consulting

Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the only Greek State University that offers formal and non-formal lifelong education, in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to more than 40.000 students who are dispersed all over the country ( Its training methodology combines distance learning with principles of adult education, relies heavily on digital material and virtual meetings and used online training platforms and tools.


About 80% of its students are working professionals who seek further education in order to improve or change their career, thus HOU has established a permanent connection with the market, professional networks and professional development agencies.


HOU is member of EADTU, EUA, Eurashe and the Greek Digital Skills and Jobs coalition. It applies the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013 and ELOT 1429:2008 quality standards

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