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Entrepreneurial Challenges and Balloons!
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This activity is closely related to an entrepreneurial skills that a person needs to develop, irrespective of the area of interest and the professional career choice: the skill of teamwork. This is considered a life (transversal) skill and it is vital to be developed by all young people, irrespective of their interest in STEM or entrepreneurship topics.

All participants are first asked to view specific videos in advance (these are provided already). Following this, the students should write down important entrepreneurial challenges, in small slip papers. The facilitator arranges the classroom in such a way as to have enough room for the balloons and the posterboards and the class is divided in small stations for small teams (3-4 people in each station).

Each group of students is given 5 or 6 balloons and they choose a leader. One balloon should contain a slip of paper with a challenge. The leader will be responsible for rallying the team and reporting out at the end of the activity. The students can also sit on the floor and throw the balloons to each other while seating, if this makes things less noisy/messy.


Each team needs to keeep all balloons in the air for 45'', by continuously batting them, even when a baloon touches the group. Then each group reads the challenge inside their baloon and brainstorm ways to overcome it, writing these in posterboards. The teacher facilitates then a discussion with participants about the challenges and suggestions on overcoming them.



90 mins


20-25 students


Entrepreneurial Challenges and Balloons!
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