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Skill game
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professional orientation and reflection on skills

This activity deals with the orientation after secondary school and helps to develop awareness towards STEM careers. During this activity students will discover all kinds of STEM professions, such as research, work in industry or enterprises. They will meet with STEM professionals of various skill and gender and discover how much variety there is among STEM professions and how various people with different skills are necessary in STEM careers.


This activity is facilitated by one facilitator and at least three STEM professionals (variety of STEM professions and gender, for example researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, journalists etc.) At least one professional is an entrepreneur.


The activity starts with asking the students to write down their own skills. This is followed by an activity in which the students write down skills that they think are needed in different STEM professions (the professions of the STEM professionals present). But at this stage the students do not know which STEM professional belongs to which profession. Discuss these skills. After this ask the students to guess and associate every STEM professional to one of the presented STEM profession. Each professional comments on his/her skills needed and their profession.



60-90 mins


25-30 students


Skill game
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